The Rise of Wallstreetbets

By Jon Sarlin

Art direction and illustrations for a story about how the Reddit group came to prominence, a story in the works long before the Gamestop insanity.

Wanted to capture the “extremely online” mentality of some of the group’s members, using my take on the “gamer” setup, and a investing bro variation of the classic trollface. Additional illustrations by Will Mullery.

Read the store here.

Election Explainer Series

Main image and spots for a story explaining the election process, along with illustrations for related stories on the Democratic Convention, the Electoral College, and Mail-in Voting.

Covid Back to School Supplies

Updated school supply list for the age of Covid-19. See it here.

What Six-Feet Apart Looks Like

Illustration series for a quirky explainer on alternate ways to visualize a distance of six feet.
See the series here.

Handshake Alternatives

For a story on contactless greetings in a post-Covid world. See the story here.

Quarantine Grooming

For a story on quarantine grooming tips. Read it here.

Shrinking Real Estate Commissions

Unused illustrations for a story on the potential obsolescence of agents in the age of online real estate apps. The idea was to show a sort of narrative of the buying process, with the harried agent being left out of the loop.

These were inspired by mid-century architecture and illustration styles. The editors ultimately wanted a less playful tone, so I created photo-illustrations using vintage real estate imagery, mixed with modern geometric patterns.

See the final version here.

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